We are a security company with a vast difference from our competitors. The most fundamental aspect is our choice of personnel in that our operators are from U.K Special Forces backgrounds. We understand that manned security can be impractical and also intrusive upon your privacy and residential properties can find the options available unsuitablein most instances. That is why we have developed a response service utilising reliable GSM network technology that allows us a direct link from client to response centre, and based on your location we can deliver an unmatched response time to any security issue you may encounter within two minutes of notification of required assistance.



  • 24/7 Monitoring Service

  • Rapid Response

  • Medical Emergency Response

  • GSM Panic Alarm Instalment

  • Daily Patrols

  • Bespoke service for individual client

  • Fire/smoke alarm response

  • Intruder alert response

  • U.K Special Forces operators

We provide cover for your property,assets and family and will assist in any domestic issues that may arise utilizing our highly trained response team. 

Rapid Response

P.A.R.S (Panic alarm response service)


The primary objective of our company is to provide unmatched response times to any incident. Our staff are trained in hostile environments, S.I.A approved and have medical trauma qualifications alongside many desirable attributes. The specialised communication networks are provided and installed free of charge, and you can be comfortable knowing you are safe and secure with our expert response teams.


TEL:   +44 07460 553191

         +44 ​01823 971483



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